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Pastor wanted 

Great opportunities for gospel ministry. We are looking for an ordained Presbyterian minister who is growing in holiness; who wants to encourage and build up God’s people with the truth of his Word; and who wants to bring the good news of Jesus to an area in great need of a Biblical witness to Christ.

We are a congregation of God’s people with diverse gifts in a rapidly growing area of Melbourne’s west (Melton).

Are you the man to lead this keen group of God’s people, building on the excellent work of our previous pastor?

If so, please contact us: Melton Presbyterian Church;;

Rev Adam Humphries (Interim Moderator): 0421 783 184; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Senior Ministry Position

Canterbury Presbyterian Church, Victoria

CPC Overview

Canterbury Presbyterian Church (CPC) belongs to the Reformed tradition with its focus on the preaching of the Word of God and worship and fellowship on the Lord’s Day.  We are wholeheartedly committed to the doctrinal standards of the Presbyterian Church of Australia.  We are looking for a senior pastor who will thoughtfully and faithfully expound the truths of the Word of God and apply them for Christian living and witness in the 21st century.

CPC is a congregation of approximately 120 members and adherents.  CPC has a Japanese language Congregation, called Melbourne Japanese Christian Church (MJCC) comprised of approximately 30 members and adherents.  Sunday worship services usually have 110 attending the English service, with 20 attending the Japanese language service which is held at the same time.  A less formal evening service is also held in English.

The English language congregation includes a large number of Korean-speaking members and adherents, and we have a Korean Assistant Pastor employed to help serve these needs.

The Japanese congregation typically has a full time Japanese speaking pastor, however the position is currently vacant pending appointment of a new pastor.

CPC currently also employs a Pastoral Worker part time.

The ministries that CPC currently run include:

Prayer Meetings

Regular prayer meetings are held at CPC.  There are also regular meetings at the church during Prayer Week, occurring each quarter.  A monthly Missions prayer meeting is also held to focus on those on mission or preparing for the field, and a bi-weekly prayer meeting held prior to the Sunday Service.

Bible Studies

Multiple Bible studies are held on a weekly and fortnightly basis, including a young adults group, mothers study, and Japanese and Korean language studies.  We also have a Friday night dinner, fellowship, and Bible study for adults from an international background.  Attendance is approximately 5-10 each week.

Sunday School

We have an active Sunday School program held during each morning service.  Currently there are 30 children in total, with eight teachers on a rotating roster.

Youth Group

A regular Friday youth group is run for secondary aged youth. This group is led by young adults with oversight by the Korean Assistant Pastor and Pastoral Worker.


A Missions Morning Tea presentation is held once a month after the morning service, where missionaries are invited to give a presentation before the lunch is served.  CPC has a PWMU group that meets, and as a congregation currently supports three missionaries.

Sunday Lunches

A lunch is served most Sundays after the service, often Korean or Japanese style meals.  More than half of the congregation remain after the service for these lunches and they provide a great opportunity to fellowship.

Free English Classes

Free daily classes are run for non-English speaking people to learn basic conversational English.  These classes include a short Bible presentation in each class and attract between 20 and 30 on a regular basis.


Anyone prayerfully believing that they should inquire further regarding this position should contact the Interim Moderator, Rev. Graham Nicholson, on (03) 98195347 or the Session Clerk, Mr Peter Graham, on (03) 98031605.